2023 Business Supporter of the Year Award Recipients

On Monday, November 13th, Entrepreneur Showcase Week as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week started with a kickoff celebration at the Innovation Connector in Muncie, Indiana, led by Ted Baker, Executive Director & CEO. The celebration started with donuts, coffee, celebrations, and awards.

One of the awards was the 2023 Business Supporter of the Year Award.  This award goes to someone for their exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to support and impact area entrepreneurs and businesses. Our Executive Director at ECIRPD, Bill Walters, and our Senior Project Manager at ECIRPD, and Director of Operations of Augusta Consulting, Brad Bookout, were the winners of this remarkable achievement.

At the ceremony, Ted Baker highlighted why Bill Walter and Brad Bookout received the prestigious award. He shared a glimpse into the past when he frequented their office at the Innovation Connector, discovering it adorned with expansive whiteboards mapping out various business strategies. Intrigued, Ted inquired about the purpose, and Bill and Brad explained that each notation represented a business they aimed to assist in any way possible. Recognized for their unwavering dedication, Bill and Brad emerged as diligent individuals effortlessly managing a multitude of responsibilities. Ted commended their exceptional work ethic, seeing it as a commendable display of kindness and commitment.

The award serves as a testament to their tireless efforts, innovative approaches, and remarkable commitment to the betterment of the business landscape. In receiving the 2023 Business Supporter of the Year Award, Brad and Bill sincerely thank the organizations and individuals who recognize their achievements. They view this award not only as a personal triumph but also as a reflection of the collective efforts of their dedicated teams and the supportive network of professionals who have contributed to their success.