Community Crossing Matching Grant Program Improves Infrastructure in East Central Indiana

Since 2016, the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program has funded cities, towns, and counties across Indiana to improve infrastructures like roads and bridges. The program is a partnership between the Indiana Department of Transportation and Indiana communities of metropolitan and rural backgrounds to invest in infrastructural projects that promote economic development, generate new jobs, and strengthen local transportation systems. 

Since becoming the Executive Director of the ECI Regional Planning District, Bill Walters and his team have developed a specialty for procuring street improvement funds of this nature. The Town of Daleville hired ECI to write their Community Crossings Matching Grants (CCMG), which is a major source of funding for these small towns and cities. To date, ECI has secured almost $700,000 in CCMG money for Daleville. 

Three other towns in the East Central Indiana region also decided to hire ECIRPD to undertake their CCMG applications in 2021: Selma, in Delaware County, Chesterfield in Madison County, and Swayzee, in Grant County. 

Walters, who was recently named an Indiana Regional Leader by the Indiana Communities Institute, plans to continue helping these communities in their endeavors to improve the infrastructure and livelihood of their towns.