Congratulations ECIRPD Community Crossing Recipients


LPA Name Awarded Amount
Blackford County $271,824.84
Daleville $74,880.75
Delaware County $95,955.00
Grant County $350,000.00
Jonesboro $112,202.25
Muncie $1,000,000.00
Swayzee $15,857.85
ECIRPD Community Crossing Recipients – 2021-02
LPA Total LPA Awarded Amount
Daleville  $                                     110,287.50
Delaware County  $                                     473,603.72
Gaston  $                                     168,750.00
Grant County  $                                     340,000.00
Jonesboro  $                                     185,865.00
Muncie  $                                     336,454.50
Upland  $                                     842,114.54
Grand Total  $                                 2,457,075.26

What is the Indiana Community Crossing Matching Grant Program?

Launched in 2016, it provides funding to cities, towns, and counties across Indiana to make improvements to local roads and bridges.

Community Crossings is a partnership between INDOT and Hoosier communities, both urban and rural, to invest in infrastructure projects that catalyze economic development, create jobs, and strengthen local transportation networks.

Since 2016, the state has awarded $ 940 million in state funds to support local road and bridge projects throughout Indiana.