ECI Regional Planning District and Jay County Partnership

MUNCIE, Ind. – East Central Indiana Regional Planning District (ECIRPD) and the Jay County Commissioners have announced a collaborative economic development partnership to help further spur growth in the region. This initiative was established in October 2022 to reintegrate Jay County into the planning district after being absent for several years.

“It’s good to see the commissioners and council of Jay County back involved with ECIRPD,” said ECIRPD Executive Director Bill Walters. “Working together as a region brings considerable benefits and knowledge.”

The partnership’s goal is to help encourage economic growth and development throughout the communities of Jay County. ECIRPD will work closely with the Jay County Commissioners and other local leaders to decide which projects will work best for the area and its needs. Jay County Commissioner Brian McGalliard has been in constant contact with ECIRPD to help determine those needs.

ECIPRD has also assigned intern Seth Stegall to act as a liaison for the county and to work within the community to promote development efforts.

Across four counties, ECIRPD has worked on multiple fronts to initiate economic and community development.

“With 32 elected officials from 4 counties working together, a lot can be accomplished,” said Walters. “I look forward to working with Jay County and pooling our resources together to help improve both quality of life and community.”

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