ECI Regional Planning District receives $1,500 Walmart Grant in Albany for Public Art Feature

East Central Indiana Regional Planning District recently received a $1,500 Walmart Grant in Albany, Indiana, in order to create public art features. NOW Art is facilitating this community mural program alongside Walmart to showcase artwork in hundreds of locations across the nation. ECIRPD is currently looking for an art project to allocate these funds to in Albany.  

Public art has many community benefits, ranging from public health to happiness; for example, studies have shown that viewing art can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can enhance creativity and cognitive abilities. Public art can transform dull, blank spaces into visually interesting and attractive areas that people enjoy spending time in. This can enhance the character and identity of a community. 

There can even be economic benefits to public art. It can drive economic development by attracting tourists, visitors, and businesses to a community. It can increase property values and boost local businesses as well. Overall, public art is a valuable asset to any community, offering numerous benefits to individuals and society as a whole.

ECIRPD will be applying to other Walmarts in East Central Indiana to fund more of these initiatives. If you have an idea for the public art feature in Albany that you would like to share, contact someone on the town board for more information.