ECI Regional Planning District’s New Executive Board

The ECI Regional Planning District (ECIRPD) commenced its first board meeting of 2024 on Tuesday, February 13th, setting the stage for organizational transformations and strategic initiatives ahead. One of these big changes is the introduction of a dynamic new executive board, poised to steer the district towards its goals with fresh perspectives and seasoned leadership.

At the forefront as President stands James King, a prominent figure with strong ties to Delaware County. With an extensive career spanning 25 years in the Daleville Police Department, including 16 years as Chief and 4 as Assistant Chief, King brings a wealth of experience in public safety and justice to his role. King also has extensive experience as an elected official, serving on the Delaware County Council and Redevelopment Commission. His time as President, now extended to a 5th term, underscores his enduring commitment to the ECIRPD’s mission of enhancing regional development and cooperation. 

Joining King is Randy Dunnuck, assuming the role of Vice President. Dunnuck, a respected member of the Albany Town Council, is renowned for his dedication to community engagement and proactive involvement.

“Randy Dunnuck is great to work with and always puts the town of Albany first,” said Albany Town Clerk, Joyce Hamilton. His ability to bring people together and drive positive change is promising for encouraging teamwork within the ECIRPD. 

“Randy is a dedicated collaborator and community servant. With several terms on our town council, including roles as past president and current vice president, he’s known for his commitment and passion for helping others. Randy eagerly engages in various groups and projects, always giving generously of his time and energy. As he continues his service on the ECI Regional Planning District Board, his focus will remain on teamwork and positive impact. Randy’s ultimate aim is to work alongside others and make a difference in his community,” said President of the Albany Town Council, Steve Hall. 

Ron Stewart steps into the position of Secretary, bringing a fresh perspective to the executive board. Serving his first term as commissioner in Grant County while concurrently employed at First Merchants Bank in downtown Muncie, Stewart’s eagerness to learn and willingness to engage make him a valuable asset in facilitating effective communication and administrative functions within the district. 

Assuming the vital role of Treasurer is Brian McGalliard, a familiar face elected to represent the south district of Jay County in 2020. McGalliard’s proactive approach and relentless advocacy for community needs have significantly contributed to enhancing Jay County’s standing within the region. His track record of securing grants and spearheading economic development initiatives underscores his capacity to steward financial resources toward sustainable growth and prosperity. 

The new executive board members come from diverse backgrounds and bring varied expertise and community ties, showing the ECIRPD’s dedication to working together in the region. They are ready to use their combined strengths to tackle future challenges and opportunities, ensuring that the east-central Indiana region keeps moving forward. With their leadership, the ECIRPD is set to lead the way toward a better future for constituents.