ECIRPD Fourth Quarterly Meeting Recap

On Monday, November 20th, the ECI Regional Planning District convened for its last quarterly meeting. The session began with a board member recognition for two members who have recently passed in the last couple months, Minerva Janes Sickman and John Paul Oxley. We then ramped into a discussion on the impactful Community Outreach Program across Jay, Blackford, and Delaware County.

The conversation seamlessly transitioned to the upcoming election for the 2024 officers’ committee, with ECIRPD actively seeking fresh perspectives by inviting new board members from each represented county. A round of congratulations was extended to the communities securing the Community Crossing Matching Grant in our region. This achievement not only signifies financial success but also reflects dedication, collaboration, and extraordinary efforts—a collective triumph contributing to the region’s betterment.

A warm welcome was extended to Autumn Marshall, the New AmeriCorps Fellow, joining ECI to work with Bill Walters on Broadband projects. Notably, ECIRPD is advancing on BEST Grant #5, utilizing Rural Business Development Grant funds to expand efforts in providing project development, training, and technical assistance to businesses in rural areas.

During the meeting, three significant projects were introduced. Construction plans for new roads and a Family Dollar store in Albany were discussed. Additionally, a new Isaiah’s House Project, aiming to provide comfort to children awaiting placement in child welfare services, was highlighted. The discussion also touched upon the construction of a new mental health inpatient care center, with more details to be released at later dates.

Looking forward, ECIRPD announced its plan to make the golf fundraiser an annual event, furthering their commitment to the regions school children.