ECIRPD Team Gains Insights and Connections at the 2023 U.S. Brownfield Training Conference

From August 7th to 11th, the East Central Indiana Regional Planning District (ECIRPD) made its mark at the highly anticipated 2023 U.S. Brownfield Training Conference. This dynamic event, attended by Executive Director Bill Walters, Senior Project Manager Brad Bookout, and Administrative Assistant Michelle Badders, offered a valuable opportunity for the ECIRPD team to engage, learn, and connect with fellow professionals in the field.

The conference, a resounding success, provided a comprehensive platform for ECIRPD members to participate in a range of enriching activities. From insightful sessions to illuminating panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and invaluable networking events, the event was tailored to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among experts in brownfield redevelopment.

Bill Walters and Michelle Badders both expressed their enthusiasm for the conference, highlighting the abundance of forthcoming grant opportunities. The event shed light on various avenues, including Environmental Justice Grants, EPA regional assessment grants, and a revolving loan fund specifically accessible to ECIRPD. With these funding prospects on the horizon, the ECIRPD is poised to continue its mission of identifying and assessing potential Brownfields in East Central Indiana.

The ECIRPD team leveraged the conference to delve into innovative brownfield development strategies. Armed with fresh insights, these sustainable tactics hold the potential to infuse new life into East Central Indiana’s districts and contribute to the creation of environmentally conscious communities.

Beyond grant acquisition and development methodologies, the conference served as a prime networking opportunity for the ECIRPD delegation. Establishing new connections and engaging in candid conversations, the team broadened their professional network while sharing experiences and lessons learned in the realm of brownfield development.

Reflecting on the experience, Bill Walters remarked, “Meeting fellow dedicated individuals navigating the challenges of brownfield development was truly invaluable.”

Notably, an open house hosted by Soil and Materials Engineers Inc. (SME) added another layer of value to the conference. Bill Walters seized the opportunity to gain insights into the progress and endeavors taking place across various states nationwide.

As the dust settles on the 2023 U.S. Brownfield Training Conference, the ECIRPD team returns to East Central Indiana armed with knowledge, strategies, and connections that will undoubtedly contribute to the district’s ongoing efforts in sustainable revitalization and community development.