ECIRPD Washington Fly-In

During the week, several members of the ECIRPD Board of Directors flew out to Washington D.C. to meet with legislators to discuss several projects and grants that the Planning District is currently pursuing.

Those that participated in the event include:
Pam Price – Executive Director at ECIRPD
Brad Bookout – Project Manager at ECIRPD
E. Roy Budd – President & CEO of ECIRPD
Bill Hess – Chair of ECIRPD Board and Member of the Hartford City Council
James King – President of Delaware County Commission
Mike Burton – Member of Grant County Commission
Doug Marshall – Member of Muncie City Council
Nora Powell – Member of Muncie City Council
Beth Grigsby – Brownfields Program Manager at Cardno ATC
Bill Walters – Member of Daleville Town Board

Participants met with the offices of several legislators including those of Rep. Marlin Stutzman, Rep. Luke Messer and Senator Dan Coats. Participants were very pleased to have also gotten some face time with both Rep. Susan Brooks and Senator Joe Donnelly where they were able to discuss some of the current issues the region is facing.

Participants were able to exchange their thoughts and ideas on several topics with the legislators, including progress on the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Report as well as updates on Brownfield sites and their redevelopment process. The most notable issue discussed was the progress ECIRPD has made towards pursuing the funding opportunities available through the United States Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP).

As part of the IMCP, ECIRPD applied for and was awarded $150,000 in Economic Adjustment funds from the EDA last year to use in developing a manufacturing strategic plan to benefit the cities of Anderson, Muncie and New Castle. Recently, ECIRPD and their partners in this endeavor, Vandewalle & Associates, have completed phase one of developing this plan, which involved conducting a robust analysis of the region’s assets and opportunities.

During their trip to D.C. ECIRPD members were able to discuss the steps they have begun to take into phase two of developing a strategic plan, allowing them to exchange ideas with legislators about how to best meet the needs of the region and improve the communities of Anderson, Muncie and New Castle through the IMCP.

Written by Morgan Crouse
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