Employee Spotlight: Autumn Marshall

Meet Autumn Marshall, a Miami University graduate who majored in Political Science and Environmental Science with a special interest in foreign policy, Eurasian studies, and agricultural policy. 

Autumn grew up in West Chester, Ohio outside of Cincinnati. Autumn also has two younger brothers. During her high school years, she did many extracurriculars like softball and student organizations for both environmental and political fields. During her time in college, she worked for the Library of Congress. 

Right now, Autumn is an Americorps member serving as an American Connections Corps Fellow. Autumn is currently ECIRPD’s Regional Coordinator for Broadband support training and education. She also acts as an Internet Service Provider’s contact, bridging the gap between the public and providers. She works to connect people to community partners to advance digital equity and inclusion within our four counties. This includes advancing broadband accessibility, affordable internet, and digital literacy. Her latest projects include administering digital literacy classes through Northstar and working with the Indiana Broadband Office to maximize BEAD in our region which is getting more households internet access. Autumn is willing to talk to anyone about accessibility, she is ready to get to know the community and have great partners here in Delaware County.