Energize-ECI Regional Planning District Announces 2011 Appointments

Muncie, IN – E. Roy Budd, Executive Director of the Energize-ECI Regional Planning District, announced the 2011 Appointees to the Board of Directors.  Founded in 2009, the Energize-ECI Regional Planning District serves Blackford, Delaware, Grant and Jay counties.  Indiana Statute shapes the composition of the Board of Directors and establishes the number of directors and the appointing entities.

Blackford County Appointees

  • Bob O’Rourke
  • Rob Cleveland
  • Bill Hess
  • Missy Shrock
  • Tom Armstrong
  • Mayor Dennis Whitesel (Hartford City)
  • Mayor James McPherson (Montpelier).

Delaware County Appointees

  • Todd Donati
  • Donald Dunnuck
  • Kevin Nemyer
  • John Kelly
  • Kathie Onieal
  • Linda Gregory
  • Rick Glaub
  • Amanda Simpson
  • Joe Hardwick
  • Philip Evans
  • Gloria Wells
  • Tim Smith

Grant County Appointees

  • Mike Burton
  • Tresa Baker
  • Lisa Crandall
  • Mayor Wayne Seybold (Marion)
  • Mayor Larry Leach (Gas City)
  • Robert Couse
  • Melba Root
  • Brian Hall
  • Bruce Long
  • Tony Manry

Jay County Appointees

  • Milo Miller, Jr.
  • Michael Leonhard
  • Mayor Bruce Hosier (Portland)
  • Mayor Ron Hunt (Dunkirk)
  • Jason Meinerding
  • Ralph Frazee
  • Doug Stanley

Governor’s Appointee

  • Not yet appointed by Governor Daniels.

Elections of Officers and Executive Board: Elected to serve as Chairman of the Energize-ECI Regional Planning District for 2011 is Portland Mayor Bruce Hosier (Jay County), Vice Chair is Todd Donati (Delaware County), Secretary is Mike Burton (Grant County), with Missy Shrock (Blackford County) being elected Treasurer.   The Executive Board elected for 2011 includes the four Officers plus the following members: Rob Cleveland (Blackford County), Linda Gregory and Kathie Onieal (Delaware County), Mayor Wayne Seybold and Tony Manry (Grant County), Milo Miller, Jr. (Jay County), and a member to be appointed by Governor Mitch Daniels.


About the Energize-ECI Regional Planning District
The Energize-ECI Regional Planning District is a multi-county economic development and planning district – government instrumentality – serving Blackford, Delaware, Grant and Jay counties.  The District was formed in 2009 under Indiana state statute IC 36-7-7 and operates under the auspices of the Economic Development Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Included in the District’s scope of work is the management of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS Plan) for the region; secure grants and funding which help meet the priority needs of communities and counties comprising the District; and to assist the region in advancing economic development opportunities and improving the quality of life.  Since its founding, the District has brought over $2.7 million in grants to the region.  The District is housed at the Ivy Tech Community College Fisher Building in Muncie, IN.  Details about the Energize-ECI regional Planning District, Energize-ECI, Inc. and information about East Central Indiana may be viewed at www.energize-ecirpd.org.  The District organization may be contacted at P.O. Box 1912, Muncie, IN 47308-1912); by phone at (765) 254.0116; fax (765) 254.1450 and by email [email protected].

Prepared by Tom Farris
P.O. Box 1912
Muncie, IN 47308-1912
Phone: 765.254.0116 (extension #1)
Fax: 765.254.1450
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