ECIRPD Team to Attend US Brownfield Training Conference in Detroit

ECI Regional Planning District (ECIRPD) is pleased to announce the participation of our Executive Director Bill Walters, Senior Project Manager Brad Bookout, and Administrative Assistant Michelle Badders in the upcoming 2023 U.S. Brownfield Training Conference. The event is scheduled to take place from August 7th to 11th in Detroit, Michigan. 

The US Brownfield Training Conference serves as a platform for industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders to gather and explore the opportunities and strategies for accessing grants and maximizing the economic, environmental, and social performance of their respective regions. With a focus on transforming communities into sustainable and environmentally equitable places, this conference aims to enhance climate resiliency and foster long-term positive impacts. Attending this esteemed conference presents an invaluable opportunity for ECIRPD to learn about the latest developments, best practices, and innovative solutions in brownfield redevelopment. Bill Walters, with his extensive experience in regional planning and development, and Brad Bookout, renowned for his expertise in project management, are poised to contribute their knowledge and gain valuable insights to drive transformative initiatives within their respective roles.

During the US Brownfield Training Conference, participants will engage in informative sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and networking events designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among professionals in the field. Bill Walters and Brad Bookout will actively participate in various sessions, leveraging their expertise to gather insights on securing grants and implementing sustainable strategies to revitalize communities. ECIRPD is dedicated to promoting sustainable development practices and creating environmentally responsible communities. By attending this conference, our representatives aim to further enhance their understanding of effective strategies to access funding opportunities and implement initiatives that align with our vision of creating sustainable, resilient, and equitable communities.

We look forward to the outcomes of this conference as Walters, Bookout, and Badders return with new perspectives and knowledge that will help ECIRPD continue its mission of driving positive change within the region.