Fostering Community Unity: Montpelier’s Successful Back-to-School Carnival

The East Central Indiana Regional Planning District (ECIRPD) takes great pride in supporting and enriching the communities within its districts. One recent success was the Summer Luau Beach Party Back-to-School Carnival event in Montpelier on July 26th. In collaboration with Smith Insurance Services and many other generous contributors, the carnival brought together over 150 enthusiastic K-8th grade students and their families, creating a memorable event that celebrated the community’s dedication to the education and well-being of our amazing kids.

At ECIRPD, community engagement and meaningful initiatives are at the mission’s core. That is why Executive Director Bill Walters and Administrative Assistant Michelle Badders were both in attendance at this event to participate in games, conversate with residents, and witness the hard work of the event sponsors and organizers pay off.  

ECIRPD was thrilled to help organize and sponsor the Summer Luau Beach Party Back-to-School Carnival, which served as a vibrant platform for the Montpelier community to come together to ensure local children got the school supplies they needed. The commitment to improving the quality of life for residents within the district was evident in every aspect of the carnival’s planning and execution.

With Smith Insurance Services as a valued partner, ECIRPD showcased the power of public-private collaborations in nurturing community-driven events. The carnival not only marked the end of summer but also fostered a sense of excitement and camaraderie among the young participants as they prepared for the upcoming school year. We were delighted to witness the children’s infectious enthusiasm as they engaged in games, savored delicious food, and enjoyed an exhilarating water adventure with the dunk tank as well as the Montpelier Fire Department’s truck that sprayed refreshing water for the kids to play in.

The Summer Luau Beach Party Back-to-School Carnival was an extraordinary testament to the strong bonds within the Montpelier community. ECIRPD is grateful for the opportunity to support events that bring joy and unity to east central Indiana neighborhoods, emphasizing the importance of education and the well-being of the local children. As ECIRPD continues its efforts to enhance the lives of those in its districts, we look forward to creating more unforgettable moments that will leave a lasting impact on our community’s growth and prosperity.