Grant County Spotlight: Gas City Music Center

Gas City witnessed a momentous event on Wednesday, May 10, as local dignitaries, business leaders, and community members convened for the groundbreaking ceremony of the eagerly anticipated Gas City Music Center. Among the participants were Gas City Mayor Bill Rock and city engineer Jason Miller, signifying the initiation of construction for this landmark project.

The Gas City Music Center is going to become a focal point for community engagement. Boasting a cutting-edge auditorium with a seating capacity of 1,800, the venue is destined to host a diverse array of entertainment options, including performing arts shows, seminars, and various community events that will unite residents from both the city and the broader region.

The celebratory gathering underscored the ongoing growth and development in Gas City, with Mayor Bill Rock seizing the opportunity to share insights into future plans, the anticipated opening, and the positive ripple effects the auditorium will have on the community. Emphasizing the economic benefits that will accrue, Mayor Rock envisions the venue as a catalyst for attracting new businesses and visitors from neighboring areas.

Anticipated for completion by mid-2024, the construction of the Gas City Music Center signifies a remarkable milestone not only for Gas City but for the entire region. It marks a significant stride forward in providing enhanced entertainment and cultural opportunities to the residents.

This project was able to happen because of Governor Holcomb and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), READI champions regional collaboration and data-driven, long-term planning to attract and retain talent in Indiana. The $500 million READI fund, legislated during the 2021 session, was allocated among 17 regions. As these regions move forward with READI-backed projects and programs, Indiana’s quality of life, quality of place, and quality of opportunity are expected to be significantly augmented, with the state’s investment of $500 million projected to yield an additional $9.86 billion in public, private, and nonprofit dollars. This marks a substantial 19.72:1 investment leverage ratio in enhancing Indiana’s overall well-being and future prospects.