Jay County Broadband Fireside Chat #2 Video

Broadband Fireside Chat #2

Travis Richards—the Executive Director of the JCDC and prominent advocate for technology and community development— alongside Gary Thompson— an American Connection Corps Fellow serving as an AmeriCorps Service Member with the East Central Indiana Regional Planning District, an initiative of Lead for America and the American Connection Project— hosted their second Broadband Fireside Chat on July 18th at 5 pm in the JCDC building. This event focused on the Broadband, Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program and its impact on Jay County. The discussion delved into crucial topics aiming to shape a digitally inclusive future for the community.

During the Fireside Chat, participants were able to engage in insightful conversations led by Richards and Thompson. This event also offered residents, community organizations, and local businesses a platform to voice their thoughts, concerns, and ideas regarding broadband access and equity. Engaging in open dialogue was an opportunity to enable attendees to actively contribute to the development and success of the BEAD program in Jay County.

If you missed this opportunity to be part of the conversation that will shape the future of Jay County’s connectivity and community development, don’t worry. Richards and Thompson recorded a detailed video going through the information discussed in the meeting on July 18th. You can view that video by clicking HERE.