Digital Inclusion Fellow with the Purdue Center for Regional Development / East Central Indiana Regional Planning District (ECIRPD) Serve Indiana / AmeriCorps

Position Title:  Digital Inclusion Fellow

Program:  Digital Inclusion Fellow with the Purdue Center for Regional Development and the East Central Indiana Regional Planning District (ECIRPD)

Site Location:  East Central Indiana Regional Planning District (ECIRPD) headquartered in Muncie, IN


Purpose:  Produce and further the digital inclusion plans developed in partnership with the Purdue Center for Regional Development.  Project deliverables and/or support in small businesses and the economy, education and e-learning, tourism, digital skills, and housing.

Description of Duties:  Members will be responsible for a variety of duties, including developing and implementing regional digital inclusion plans.   Member will raise digital awareness throughout the region. This will include developing, facilitating, and conducting workshops and trainings to 1) increase awareness on digital inclusion; 2) lead to the development of a digital inclusion plan; 3) help in the implementation of the plan focusing on but not limited to digital literacy workshops, online presence strategies for small businesses, improve e-learning capabilities throughout the region, and intelligent community action items, and housing among others in the ECIRPD Region.   The digital inclusion fellow will also work on resiliency planning efforts to strengthen small businesses to help build resiliency strategies.  Assist in project development as additional needs arise.  All members will receive an orientation and ongoing training on digital inclusion and community and economic development.

Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree; evidence of commitment to service; successful completion of all required criminal history and medical checks; excellent written and verbal communication skills; strong research abilities; knowledge of Microsoft office applications. Excellent interpersonal skills and attention to detail.  Demonstrated ability to problem solve and take initiative on assigned projects; ability to work independently and in teams with remote supervision. Unimpeachable ethical standards and personal integrity.

Terms of Service:  Approximately March 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021; Position dependent upon funding

Time Requirements: 40 hours a week; typically within normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Some evening and weekend hours may be required.  Must have broadband capabilities.

Orientation and Training:  Participate in AmeriCorps training throughout the year

Benefits:  Living allowance stipend, post-service education award, health care, intensive training and career development program, powerful service experience, Serve Indiana/AmeriCorps network

Evaluation and Reporting:  Mid and final performance reviews, weekly reports to supervisor, weekly timesheets, quarterly interviews with program staff to assess progress, monthly calls with other members to discuss program progress

Supervisor:  Purdue Center for Regional Development and ECIRPD regional representative

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