Living Green Farms Set to Plant Location in Muncie

Living Green Farms, a Minnesota company that specializes in indoor grown, clean, and sustainable greens, will be planting one of their farms on Fuson Road in Muncie, Indiana. Living Green Farms uses aeroponics to grow their greens which has many benefits to consumers and the environment. After over a decade of research, they perfected and patented their method. Living Green Farms do not use soil for their greens but rather they spray the roots with mist. With this approach to growing, it is possible for them to not use any pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs as well as grow their greens year-round, use 95% less water, 95% less shipping, and 98% less land. Furthermore, Living Green Farms products are affordable as well as fresher because they appear on store shelves up to two weeks faster than other brands.

George Pastrana, the CEO of Living Green Farms, believes that Muncie is an ideal location for their new farm and that the city and the company can be mutually beneficial to each other. Muncie is not only a geographically convenient location, but Living Green Farms is hoping to make strides to improve the economy and provide quality benefits and pay to their new workers.  

The Muncie facility is on track to be operating in about a year and is said to create up to 120 jobs by the end of 2024. Living Green Farms started its hiring process during the second quarter of 2022 for positions in production, processing, shipping, management, and administration. Check out their website for future job openings.