Michelle Badders’ Achievement in The Academy of Community Leadership Program

On November 9th, 2023, ECI Regional Planning District’s Michelle Badders successfully completed the 69th class of The Academy of Community Leadership—an achievement worthy of acknowledgment.

Facilitated by the Greater Muncie Chamber of Commerce, formerly Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, and Ball State’s Office of Community Engagement, this structured 10-week program, conducted annually from September to November, is designed for individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of and increased involvement in Muncie/Delaware County.

The program unfolds across diverse community locations, providing participants, including Michelle, with exposure to various assets and fostering a more profound connection with their surroundings. Delving into Muncie’s historical context, identifying current strengths, and contemplating future aspirations are central components of the program. Participants engage with community leaders, establish connections with peers from diverse professional backgrounds, attend Muncie City Council meetings, and actively participate in small-group volunteer experiences.

The curriculum encompasses a spectrum of crucial topics, such as Muncie’s historical evolution, local government and politics, the influence of religion in the community, business and economic perspectives, and more. Michelle Badders, having completed this comprehensive program, is now equipped with valuable insights and networks to contribute meaningfully to our community.