Montpelier Community Leaders Working on Several Projects to Progress City Forward

Since the Montpelier community meeting in July, community leaders have been working on several projects to progress the city forward.

On November 7th, there was a meeting for a final approval vote on the park’s plan. The results of this vote were turned in to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources by November 15th.  The mayor has contracted a company to start the demolition of a park building once the logistics chain is finalized. 

Mayor Bantz is hosting a Christmas event in downtown Montpelier on November 26th from 2 to 6 p.m. They will be offering horse and buggy rides, Santa visits for the kids, as well as food and beverages. The mayor is excited to debut the 24-foot tree they purchased for the holiday season. 

The City of Montpelier contracted a company for the demolition of 414 W Huntington St. The project is set to start very soon.  

Kieser Engineering is getting ready to submit a historic plan for the downtown. Also on the agenda is a feasibility study on restoring the bank building. According to Mayor Bantz, they may use steel from the bank façade to make a piece of art. 

More updates on the City of Montpelier are to come.