OCRA awards $60K to Blackford County

Blackford County was awarded $60,000 as part of the Comprehensive Planning grants by OCRA.  Comprehensive Planning grants are designed to aid communities in assessing assets and identifying opportunities to address current needs in the following areas; land use, government capacity, public services, placemaking, economic development, housing, transportation, agriculture, natural resources, broadband access and historic resources.

These funds will allow Blackford County to update their Comprehensive Plan, Focus Forward Plan.  This will keep the priorities of the community up to date and current to meet the needs of Blackford County.  We are very excited to have received $60,000 grant from OCRA for our five year update to keep our Focus Forward on Blackford County.  – Warren Brown

Comprehensive Planning grants were awarded to four communities:

  • Blackford County is awarded $60,000;
  • Town of Dayton is awarded $50,000;
  • Town of Sunman is awarded $50,000; and
  • Town of Wolcott is awarded $48,600.

The State of Indiana distributes the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant funds to rural communities to assist units of local government with various community projects. Planning grants are one type of grants offered through OCRA’s CDBG Program.

Planning Grant applications are accepted on a quarterly basis. For more information, visit in.gov/ocra/cdbg.