Innovate Delaware County Project: Broadband Infrastructure

Innovate Delaware County: Broadband Infrastructure Master Plan 

In February 2021, the Delaware County Redevelopment Commission began a three-phased, eight-month process to identify the gaps and needs in the existing broadband network and layout recommendations to provide high-speed internet service to all residential and business areas of the County. The research, exploration, and decision-making process included representation from the County government, allied community and economic development departments, public school systems, and local utility companies. Together, the group met four times to review the information and key findings to discuss the proposed conceptual infrastructure master plan developed for the County. 

What is the Broadband Infrastructure Master Plan

Delaware County and our allied community partners remain firm in our belief that high-speed internet is not a luxury. We acknowledge that high-speed internet is an essential service that all local residents rely on to communicate, learn, conduct business, and access essential goods and services. As such, we are committed to providing high-speed, residential and business internet service to all areas of the County. Through a series of capital improvements, policy updates and community programs, Delaware County will work to provide infrastructure solutions that are: 


No one will face a barrier based on their demographic characteristics or their physical location.


 For any resident who wants to connect to the internet, cost should not be a barrier. 


Internet service should be fast and reliable, and the quality should improve over time as uses of the internet continue to evolve. 


Infrastructure should allow for sufficient competition among providers and a diversity of technological solutions. 


Revenues from improved internet services should be reinvested in the communities to support additional upgrades, ongoing maintenance, educational efforts, and community programs.

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