Vi-Technik’s Arrival in Delaware County Marks a Significant Milestone

On Friday, October 20th, Delaware County celebrated a momentous occasion with the official announcement of Vi-Technik’s North American headquarters. This Italian-born, company has made a remarkable impact on various industries, specializing in the manufacturing of rubber, plastic, and glazing components. Their reach extends across automotive, defense, and rail sectors, offering a wide array of high-quality solutions. But, Vi-Technik’s influence doesn’t stop at manufacturing; they have distinguished themselves in the realm of professional services, including consultancy, production, quality control, and supply chain management. 

Vi-Technik’s decision to establish their North American base right here in Delaware County is a testament to their global expansion strategy. This move is integral to achieving their vision on delivering the best-in-class products to an international clientele. ECI Regional Planning District is thrilled to embrace Vi-Technik as a new member of Delaware County’s vibrant community. 

The core of Vi-Technik’s operations lies in providing invaluable guidance and support to clients during the intricate research and development phases of interior and exterior trim components in the automotive and transport industries. Their expertise covers strategic planning, design, assistance, and the production of critical components such as body parts, mobile elements, sunroofs, gaskets, and moldings. 

One of the distinguishing features of Vi-Technik is its capability to offer rapid prototyping services and limited-scale production of plastic and rubber components using standard materials and equipment. Their impressive machinery inventory comprises both vertical and horizontal injection machines, ranging from 20 to 320 tons. This technical prowess underscores their ability to expedite prototyping while employing materials and technologies that align with future mass production standards. 

ECI Regional Planning District is proud to extend its heartfelt congratulations to Vi-Technik on their accomplishments. With Vi-Technik’s expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, the future of automotive and transport industry components in North America is poised to reach unprecedented heights. This partnership not only marks an expansion, but also an opportunity for innovation and growth for all parties involved.